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Social Media Advertising for Direct Sales Reps

Social Media Advertising for Direct Sales Reps

Get Noticed Online to Make Your Direct Sales Business More Profitable!

I've discovered a system that avoids the headaches most direct sellers face. This is the secret behind how I've grown my current business to 5 figures and how you can replicate my success...


I help direct sales reps to find new customers and grow their business through powerful social media strategies. I call it an Online Vendor Show. It's like having an online vendor booth that takes orders for your business 24 hours a day. The internet is open 24 hours and your business should work for you the entire time.

How Does This Work?
Your business ad is posted on the Direct Sales Reps Events website in the Event for your state getting your business ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your ad is also shared on our Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Verified Facebook Business Page increasing the number of people that see your business!

This is what we do for you-

  • You get targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Your ad is shared on our Verified Facebook Business Page to gain more views
  • We Tweet your listing so your business can be seen by more people than ever
  • Link to your personal or replicated website to help you get more traffic
  • Link to your Facebook business page or group to get more likes and shares
  • Help people looking for your products and business opportunity find you
  • Improve your brand awareness, and improve your search engine rankings.

Need reviews or testimonials?

We have over 160 reviews and testimonials on our Alignable profile here:

The cost for this service is $5 per month payable thru the end of the year. i.e Jan-Dec is $60, Aug-Dec is $25 and is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! You can't find cheaper advertising than that.

If you would like to be your state representative click on the box below or use the search function to check availability for your business. There is a limit of 1 Rep per Company per State Event.




My State is Sold Out, what can I do?

Choosing a state is just a play on how Google works showing local results first, you can choose any state you want to rank your business in. We also have a Nationwide Event that is the homepage of the website. Scroll down the list of states to see if Nationwide is available for your business. This still gets you all the benefits of social media marketing whether you put a state in your ad or not.

How Does Social Media Marketing Help My Business?





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