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Grow Your Direct Sales Business Challenge

You'll learn tips and tricks on how to grow your Direct Sales business, how to engage with your network and how to get more customers!

Here are the topics we cover and more!

🔶Why You Need Social Media To Get Traffic

🔶The 5 Big Social Media Platforms You Can’t Ignore

🔶Why You Shouldn’t Post The Same Thing Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

🔶Social Media Graphics

🔶Social Media Automation Dos & Don’ts

🔶Crafting Facebook Posts That Will Reach Your Audience And Get Them To Click

🔶Why You Need A Facebook Business Page

🔶Finding Your Tribe And Driving Traffic With Facebook Groups

🔶The 80/20 Rule Of Social Media Marketing For Traffic

🔶Pinterest Group Boards And How They Can Help You Drive Traffic

🔶With Instagram It’s About The Hashtags

🔶Balancing Evergreen And Immediate Traffic For Long Term Social Media Marketing Success

🔶Standing Out From The Crowd Of Twitter Updates

🔶Social Media Management Platforms Compared

🔶Why You Should Be Posting Multiple Times

🔶Crafting An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan For Maximum Traffic

🔶How To Keep Track Of Your Stats And Tweak As Needed

🔶Why You Need Social Media Marketing

🔶Converting Social Media Traffic

🔶Social Media Is A Relationship Building Tool

🔶How To Deal With Negative Social Media Comments and Trolls

🔶Your Content Has Gone Viral – Now What?


I coach and train Direct Sales Reps like you, to use powerful social media strategies to build a successful business that you love! I love helping Women Business Owners grow their business, so they can make more money and help more people. Would you like to take your business to the next level? What are you waiting for?

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