Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

Your business ad is posted on the Direct Sales Reps Events website in the Event for your state getting your business ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your ad is also shared on our TwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedIn, and Verified Facebook Business Page increasing your brand awareness.

As you know Google and Social Media are an important way to reach your target audience and is often the most cost effective way to get new business.  If you aren't making a consistent effort to rank on Google and improve your social media presence then you are literally losing out to your competitors who are taking Google ranking and social media marketing more seriously than you are.  My goal is to help you improve your business.

Claim your business and state before someone else does!

I share my ad link everyday on my Facebook groups and social medias. I have built my brand and online social presence by simply sharing a link to my business daily. I have grown my Pinterest to 30,000 monthly views and my income to over $3,000 a month! All by sharing a link! Yes, it has taken 4 years to get here, but it is sooo worth it! Do you have $5 a month and 1 hour a day for your business? *$5 a month is paid in advance for the yearly Event. i.e. Jan-Dec is $60, June-Dec is $35. 1 hour a day is suggested to share your ad link on your social medias and post in your Facebook groups to build your brand and online social presence. *Google counts each time it finds your link online for ranking purposes. Post, Post, Post!

Do you have any reviews or testimonials?

Yes! We have over 160 reviews and testimonials on our Alignable profile here:  https://www.alignable.com/colorado-springs-co/direct-sales-rep-network

My State is Sold Out, what can I do?

Choosing a state is just a play on how Google works showing local results first, you can choose any state you want to rank your business in. We also have a Nationwide Event that is the homepage of the website. Scroll down the list of states to see if Nationwide is available for your business. This still gets you all the benefits of social media marketing whether you put a state in your ad or not.

I paid, now what do I do?

Please refer to your receipt for instructions on submitting your ad.

What do I need to submit my ad?

Your ad consists of your logo, a link to your website or any other social media, a link to your Facebook business page, a tagline and a text ad of at least 5-7 sentences about your business and products. Instructions are provided on the form for each step. Sample Ad:  https://www.directsalesrepsevents.com/speakers/free-resources-direct-sales-reps/

I submitted my ad, now what?

Your ad info will be sent to the email you provided when your ad is posted. Ads are queued for 3-5 business days to be posted. 
Our business hours are Mon-Fri 9-5. Closed Holidays.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can find info and join our affiliate program here: https://direct-sales-reps-events.myshopify.com/pages/affiliates

What is your Refund Policy?

Please note, that due to the nature of our business, all sales are considered final and no refunds whatsoever will be issued. All fees are immediately put back into the business to continue growth.  It is the consultants responsibility to make sure that their advertising is within their company guidelines. 

How does Social Media Marketing help my business?