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Direct Sales Reps Events is happy to introduce its Referral Program.

We are offering an amazing program for Direct Sales Reps who want to earn money by referring their team and friends to our advertising website! This is a great way to make some extra cash on the side. You will earn 20% on all sales that are made ... YOU CAN NOT REFER YOURSELF!

Referral Program Information-

How are affiliates paid, minimum pay out and how often are we paid?
At this time, affiliates are only paid for referrals via PayPal.
There is no minimum balance to be paid through PayPal.
Payday will be on the 15th of the month for the previous months sales. 

How does the Direct Sales Reps Events Referral Program work?
The Referral program is a fast and easy way to make money by simply posting your referral link on Facebook and other social medias; simply promote your link and you'll earn commission for your sales.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! It is free to sign-up and feel free to use any of our product creatives!

How do I promote your products once I sign up?

After signing up you will be directed to your Affiliate Dashboard where you will find a box titled Marketing Links containing your Tracking ID. If you add this Tracking ID behind any product link any sale directed through your link will result in a 20% commission of the total sale value.

What is my Tracking ID?

Your Tracking ID will be located in your Affiliate Dashboard. Just look for the ?ref=(Referral ID) where (Referral ID) will be replaced with your unique Tracking ID. Adding your Tracking ID, example ?ref=(Referral ID), to the end of any product URL will track any sales referred through that URL.

How can I join the Direct Sales Reps Events referral program? 



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